Question 1 : How to add the Google map in contact us page?
Answer : For showing google map you need to generate and fill the api key in general theme options.
Enable map and fill address to show on map from contact information under theme options.
Question 2 : How to style Google map?
Answer: Go to Appearance->Snazzy Maps
Click on Explore:
Save design to click on save style to style Google map globally.
After that click on Enable to apply map style.
Another way to style map(It`s override the plugin styling):
Theme Options -> Contact Information
Add javascript code here to style map. Click on Styled map link to get javascript code. After that click on style to open.
Copy javascript array from left side and add in Map Custom Style option.
Click on Save Changes
Question 3 : How to set the transparent header?
Answer : Go to the header options under theme options and check the "Enable Transparent Header" checkbox field. It will make your header transparent globally,
But if you want transparent header for a particular page then you have also an option under page options to set your header transparent for that single page.
Set background color of transparent header from header`s particular options.
Question 4 : Is there any option to set different logo on single page?
Answer : Yes, you can set different logo for single pages using page options(inside header page options). If in case your logo does not change, then please have a look on that particular page options settings. Because here we are giving you an additional functionality to change logo for single page and this will override the theme options settings.
Question 5 : Is there any option to set different logo for mobile device?
Answer : Yes, you can set different logo for mobile device by Responsive Header Logo options inside Header Options -> Responsive Header Options.
Question 6 : Is there any solution to add missing redux framework libraries?
Answer : Yes, in case some typography fields like font family not populate properly then you can use redux-vendor-support. Sometimes some plugins block cdn libraries, and redux uses cdn for variety of fields. You can use this plugin to supply vendor libraries, in place of CDN. You can Download Plugin From Here After opening this link click on 'clone and download', and for installation please use plugin guidelines.
Question 7 : How to set logo on sticky header ?
Answer: Go to the header options under theme options and upload logo. if you want to set default logo on sticky header them leave it blank.
Question 8 : How to set sidebar in page template?
Answer: Go to the sidebar options under theme options enable right sidebar or left sidebar. After that choose right or left sidebar to set on page template.
You can set sidebar from page options also which is override the theme options functionality and set different sidebar on page template.
Question 9 : How to set primary menu?
Answer: Set primary menu from Appearance -> Menus and set location primary menu.
You can also set menu from Menu Options under Theme Options on your site.
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