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Your Feedback is valuable for us, let us know what you need and we will try to provide you the feature in our next updates.

Support Request

If you have any issues or error in theme then please do the following steps, before submitting the support request.
  • Check your node version and make sure that the version is stable. To know more go to the NodeJS site and check the stable version
  • Delete node_module folder and package-lock.json file and try to install npm again.
  • Make sure you did not mis-spell in code.
Issue still not resolved ? Please write support mail with following structure:
System Configuration
System OS and version : (Like MacOS Mojave,Windows 10, Ubuntu etc)
Browser Name and Version: ( Like Google Chrome, Safari 11.0, Firefox 60.XX )
Node Version: (Like :
Npm Version: (Like: V.6.xxxx)
Vuely Tech:(Vuejs, ExpressJs or Angular)
Write your problem here.....
From this type of support request we will assist you fast and better. Send us your support request at [email protected]
Last modified 3yr ago