Customer Support

Support Request

If you have some issues or error in theme then please do the following steps, before submitting the support request.

  • Check your node version and make sure that version is stable. To know more go to the nodejs site and check the stable version

  • Delete node_module folder and package-lock.json file and try to install npm again.

  • Make sure you did not misspell in code.

Issue still not resolved ? Please write support mail with following structure:

System Configuration
System OS and version : (Like MacOS Mojave,Windows 10, Ubuntu etc)
Browser Name and Version: ( Like Google Chrome, Safari 11.0, Firefox 60.XX )
Node Version: (Like :
Npm Version: (Like: V.6.xxxx)
Embryo Version: (Angular/ReactJs)
Write your problem here.....

​From this type of support request we will assist you fast and better. You can easily copy this layout and paste in your compose mail and send us email at [email protected]