FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to add Firebase configuration?

Open /src/environments/environment.ts and add your Firebase configuration:

export const environment = {
production: false,
firebase: {
apiKey: '<your-key>',
authDomain: '<your-project-authdomain>',
databaseURL: '<your-database-URL>',
projectId: '<your-project-id>',
storageBucket: '<your-storage-bucket>',
messagingSenderId: '<your-messaging-sender-id>'

2. Getting started with Algolia Registration and process.

Algolia is a hosted full-text, numerical, and faceted search engine capable of delivering real-time results from the first keystroke.

  1. Create an account on Algolia.

  2. After Signup you are get the 14 days trial and also you can update the plans. Reference Link : https://www.algolia.com/pricing

  3. Add your products fields with values under the Index.

  4. Use the Algolia api key on your app and get the result. Go to the src -> app -> pages -> Products -> ProductsList folder and open the ProductsList.component.html file.

appId: '<appId>',
apiKey: '<apiKey>',
indexName: '<indexName>'

Reference Like : https://community.algolia.com/angular-instantsearch/getting-started.html

3. How to add more Currency in Embryo?

Go to the src -> app -> Global -> CurrencyDropDown folder and open the CurrencyDropDown.component.ts file.

For example add a France currency. Add a object under the currencyArray like this :

currencyArray : any = [
name:"United States Doller",

Get the currency code for this URL :- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_4217

Add a default currency in Embryo.

Go to the src -> app -> Services folder and open Embryo.service.ts file.

currency : string = 'EUR';

4. How to add new menu in header and responsive sidebar follow these steps:-

  1. Go to the src -> app -> Core -> menu -> menu-items folder and open the menu-items.ts file.

  2. Add new object in the HeaderOneItems For example

const HeaderOneItems= [
state: "home",
name: "HOME",
type: "link",
icon: "home"
state: "",
name : "SHOP",
type: "sub",
icon: "pages",
children: [
state: 'products/men/4',
type: 'link',
icon: 'arrow_right_alt'
state: 'cart',
name: 'CART',
type: 'link',
icon: 'arrow_right_alt'
state: 'checkout',
name: 'CHECKOUT',
type: 'link',
icon: 'arrow_right_alt'
state: 'checkout/payment',
name: 'PAYMENT',
type: 'link',
icon: 'arrow_right_alt'

5. How I can disable the FIREBASE?

Follow these instructions to disable the firebase:-

  1. Remove the firebase from the configuration src -> environments -> environment.ts

2. Remove the firebase code from module src -> app -> app.module.ts.

3. Go to the src -> app -> Services -> Embryo.service.ts. and remove firebase function and database from the file.


For understanding and using firebase json data structure(format ) please go to the following path.

src -> assets -> data -> firebase.json