Create a Docker Image
In this section you will learn about how you can create a docker image of the project.
Here are the step by step instructions to make a docker image.
1. Install docker container in your machine.
How To Install and Use Docker: Getting Started | DigitalOcean
2. Create a Dockerfile under the project file.
# You should always specify a full version here to ensure all of your developers
# are running the same version of Node.
FROM node:8.11.2
# The base node image sets a very verbose log level.
# Copy all local files into the image.
COPY . .
# install
RUN npm install
# Build for production.
RUN npm run build
# Set the command to start the node server.
CMD serve -s dist
# Tell Docker about the port we'll run on.
2. Build your image by running docker build -t reactify-docker . .
3. Verify that it’s working by running docker run -it --rm -p 5000:5000 --name reactify-docker reactify-docker
Check more details about it.
Dockerizing a React application
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