Instant Search With Algolia
React-Instant Search makes it easy to design the perfect search experience using pre-packaged search components or creating your own!
We have used shop page example to integrate instant search. There is a lot of other pre-made demo examples on the official doc. In Reactify you can see the demo on this url
Getting Started:
Step 1: Create an account on Algolia.
Step 2: After Signup you will get the 14 days trial and you will update the plan according to your requirements. Reference Link :
Step 3: Create an Index on Algolia Dashboard by clicking on the indices tab from the left menu and then clicking on create index button. Please check the screenshot below for reference:
Step 4: Add your products fields with values under the newly created Index.
Step 5: You need to change your app name in the manage applications page. Just open the given url, edit the app and give your app a name. This app name is used in the template.
Step 6: Now open the API keys tab from the left menu and copy the Search-Only API Key , now open the src->routes->ecommerce->shop->index.js file from the template and paste the credentials in the apiKey, indexName with the index you have created & appId with the app name you have given to your app in step 5.
appId="<app name>" // created in step 5
apiKey="<api key>" // copied in step 6
indexName="<index name>" // created in step 3
To get more information about algolia instant search check the official document.
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